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Branding Trends 2023

Branding Trends 2023

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Hey there! it’s time for another trend roundup from Envato. Today we’re taking a look at branding trends, and all the links to the featured items can be found in the description below. This video is brought to you by Envato Elements, a library full of all the digital creative assets you need to produce professional graphic designs in no time. From graphics and templates to fonts and add-ons, a subscription to Envato Elements provides you with everything you need to streamline your creative process. Check the link in the description for a special offer from the Envato Elements team to get you started. This first trend sees us looking over our shoulders, as brands travel back in time to find inspiration. Going against the minimalist look we’ve seen over the past few years, psychedelic patterns, layered 3D typography, and retro color palettes are popping up all over the place.   Giving businesses the opportunity to express themselves in an interesting, characterful, and vibrant way, the benefits of daring nostalgia are clear. Like these business cards and packaging mock-ups. Featuring walking and talking mascots with quirky facial expressions and a real sense of purpose, they give the brand a human side and a personality all of its own. Meanwhile, Minnesota designer Abby Haddican drew on psychedelia to come up with a look and feel for a publisher of speculative fiction. From the font to the perception-bending pattern, it’s pure 70s nostalgia with a modern twist. Now fast-forward a few decades, because the Y2K aesthetic is also making a comeback.   Unapologetically kitsch and quirky, the naughty noughties waved goodbye to the grit and grunge of the 90s and embraced bubblegum tones, chunky fonts, and brash bling. With the launch of Kourtney Kardashian’s vitamin brand Lemme, we see the ultimate expression of the 2000s with a creative execution that really turns up the pastels. Dusty lilac and blush pink appear everywhere, while reflective elements and the odd starburst add a dynamic, tactile feel. Revel in retro with a bundle of 60 eye-catching templates. Made with Instagram in mind, their mix of gradients and old-school browser windows are guaranteed to put followers in mind of the millennium. While these digital papers give print or web graphics a groovy appeal. Sunrays swirls, and animal spots – they scream 70s hippy chic. Discover tips and templates to help you integrate the Y2K aesthetic into your work and take a look at our retro design trends video roundup and blog posts which will guide you from 60s Pop Art through to 80s neon.   The links to all these resources are in the description below. Grab your sunglasses, because one thing’s for sure this coming year – we’re going to see increasingly impactful color combinations across branding and graphic design. Expect to find clashing and contrasting tones used to create scroll-stopping graphics, and duotone is set to dominate digital platforms. Like this branding for Seoul’s Doosan Art Center that depicts three colors colliding through a mishmash of geometric shapes. In addition, just as McDonald’s red-and-yellow stands out a mile and Tiffany has been channeling a certain shade of blue since 1845, brands will be looking to align their visual identity with specific colors in a bid to boost instant recognition. That’s certainly the case for beauty brand Go-To, which draws on a soft apricot to communicate its plant-based, feel-good credentials.   Spread your sales message with these customizable Instagram Stories assets that revolve around a powerful use of color. Or stick to a single shade in order to pack a powerful punch – as seen in this cosmetic mockup imagery. Just two of the thousands of graphic templates available via Envato Elements. From metallics to muted palettes, take a look at the colors that are currently dominating design by clicking on the link to our video round-up or blog post below. And, if you want your next project to really dazzle, discover some of our best bright and bold templates – again – you’ll find the link in the description. Calling all rebels! This branding trend urges you to break the rules. Yes, we’re talking about anti-design, which has found its way back into the mainstream. As more and more brands aim to deliver something different, designers are making bold decisions and going against the status quo as they integrate innovative formats into their work. Pushing design boundaries and mixing things up means pretty much anything goes. Think low-res graphics, blended font families, pixels all over the place, and overlaid visuals that risk compromising the viewing experience. If you want to wave goodbye to white space and say hello to bold and busy compositions, give Brutalism Instagram stories and posts a go. Simply drag and drop your logo and imagery, and get ready to customize your own kind of chaos. Channeling a kind of analog, anything goes aesthetic, this branding trend puts us in mind of 90s era design tropes. This makes sense, as the anti-design movement was reignited by creatives during the 1990s. Check out our roundup of all things 90s – from grunge to rave – by clicking on the link in the description below. In addition, our web design trends video and blog explore the controversial anti-design trend in detail. Once upon a time, brands expressed their desire to protect the planet through neutral tones, organic shapes, and soft treatments. But that’s all changed. Eco-branding is now minimal, aspirational, and future-focused. As a result, we’re seeing simplified color palettes as designers add a futuristic edge to the classic neutral approach. Like the packaging from Carbon Theory and Public Goods, which is super-simple, stripped back, and with little-to-no recognizable branding. Scrolling through the social media feed of clothing brand Pangaia and Kate Moss’s recently released beauty and wellness range Cosmoss reveals the same commitment to keeping things elegant and understated. Instagram posts are sparse, revolving around a close-up image or just a few words of text. It’s clean, concise, and very impactful. Also featuring stacked sans serif typography and understated graphics, this cosmetic packaging mockup from Envato Elements is a masterclass in using minimal design to have maximum impact. Once you create your own New Eco design, why not try it out in these cosmetics bottles? References inspired by Mother Nature continue to lend themselves perfectly to the world of graphic design, so check out the organic design trends that have recently ruled the world by clicking the link in the description.   Branding Trends 2023 Prepare to pick a side – or straddle both – as we weigh up the strengths and weaknesses of minimalist and maximalist approaches to design. You’ll find a link to our ‘Battle of the Divisive Design Styles’ blog below. With motion being integrated into more and more brand logos, this next trend looks at how you can get a slice of the action. That’s right, we’re looking at animation – and that includes moving social media posts, which tend to outperform their static counterparts in terms of audience interaction and engagement. Expressing plenty of personalities, brand logos can be abstract – like the repeating reveal of Melbourne-based Soma Studios, which picks out the curves of the letters s, o, m, and an as its name rolls across the screen. The Leeum Museum of Art’s recently refreshed swirling and shifting logo seeks to reflect the ever-changing nature of art. There’s meaning behind Google’s moving logo, too. Morphing between a microphone, a four-color G, a line of ‘listening’ dots, and the recognizable Google name, the GIF represents the search engine’s main services speedily and stylishly.   For an animated logo reveal that’s a little bit Matrix and a little bit Terminator, try out this Cyber Logo Reveal from Envato Elements, which instantly says sci-fi. For more logo design inspiration, there’s our trend report and logo design guide that will ensure your next creative concept makes a great first impression. In the description, we’ve also included a link to our art of animation guide, which contains everything you need to know about animation – from its history to creating it and integrating it into your work. Finally, our motion graphic trends predictions will keep your designs dynamic – from animated collage and kinetic typography to morphing and liquid motion. Give your brand a voice with this next trend. Here we look at how the current fascination with minimal sans-serif typography is prompting designers to embrace flourishes that will help their work stand out from the crowd. Like this playful approach in which the words ‘invitation’ and ‘guide’ are stretched, extended, and even seem to fall off the edge of the page. Meanwhile, Counter-Print books go big – quite literally – with bright colors and mismatched fonts.   Then there’s a hint of the bizarre in Funky Candles’ business cards with their clashing colors and letters that look like they are melting – well, like a candle. You’ll find plenty of statement typography to play with on Envato Elements, no matter what message you want to get across. Like this chunky offering from designs that’s bold, bubbly, and makes readers sit up and pay attention. What fonts are trending in design this year? From 3D typography to elegant serifs, find out what our Envato experts think as they share their top font trends and predictions in our video roundup and blog post that we’ve linked below. Authenticity is all the rage, and in a bid to wear their hearts on their sleeves and present a personable voice, brands are putting customer stories and raw, behind-the-scenes content front and center.   They’re also taking a stand on social causes and environmental issues, like the toilet paper company Who Gives a Crap which uses a candied, conversational tone in its communications. Like this social media post, which poses a simple question that’s aimed at acknowledging our shared humanity. GoDaddy expresses its brand activism in bold terms, using kinetic typography and simple animated graphics to talk about the wage gap during Women’s History Month. Meanwhile, customer stories are key for the professional networking organization One Roof, which profiles members on its blog. From all this, it’s clear to see that today’s branding efforts don’t shy away from real life – whether that’s sparkling honest conversations or drawing on customer experiences. So why not add feedback and five-star reviews to your social feeds with this customizable testimonial template, we all know that peer-to-peer recommendations are a great way to build trust. Finally, learn how to demonstrate that a business is a force for good by clicking the link to last year’s branding trends roundup which includes a section on brand activism.   Thought TikTok was just teenagers sharing dance routines. Think again. These days, brands are content creators, and if something’s trending on social, they’re going to get in on the action. From TikTok challenges to the latest Netflix series that everyone’s binge-watching, brands and influencers are united by a shared desire to celebrate pop culture. Tapping into the previous trend that’s all about adding a human element, we’re seeing brands utilize influencer-esque formats and enlist employees to create content. And that includes the team at Envato! Whatever pop culture phenomenon has caught your attention, share your views on every episode of Stranger Things or post your latest lip-syncing efforts with these social media templates.   Combining pop-culture influence with our nostalgia trend from earlier; check out our take on 90s pop culture – the gift that keeps on giving, before learning how to develop a TikTok marketing strategy and get up to speed on the top social video trends. You’ll find all the links you need below. Torn edges, pasted pictures, random words – it’s time to grab your digital glue stick because scrapbooks are back in fashion. Bringing content to life in a raw, random, and thoroughly retro way, collage-style graphic designs and mixed media are making a real impact. Just look at the exercise book aesthetic channeled by Chanel for a recent campaign that featured grainy imagery and sticky tape accents. Nike sketches a story about the history of its iconic Swoosh using felt tip scrawls and layered archival imagery. Create your own captivating collage with this constructor bundle that can be used in After Effects to customize pre-made scenes or to construct your own.   And, if you are looking for inspiration, get to grips with the distressed textures and hand-drawn doodles of the 90s grunge and the craft illustration trend – which is all about analog textures like brushstrokes, stickers, and woodblock prints. Finally, discover Photoshop templates that will kickstart your collage creativity. That does it for the branding trends you’ll be seeing in 2023. If this video was helpful, don’t forget to like it below so we know to keep producing more content like this. Subscribe to the Envato YouTube channel to stay up to date with our latest content! Have your say and tell us what trends you’d like us to profile next in the comments below and hit the Envato blog for more trends and tips. That’s all for now but if you’re keen to stick around, click the thumbnail at the top right of your screen for more trends, or hit the one at the bottom right of your screen to watch the next Envato video, selected just for you. See you next time.
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